Who are we and what do we do?

Ur-Sltn LTD is a small privately owned company originally started out of Manchester. We started as a small contracting firm contracting out php development services to clients. On one of the contracts we took on board Brent Geach who could broaden our range of offerings and so Ur-Sltn LTD was ‘re-born’. We started as a small business offering stable and affordable hosting options alongside good website development skills. Please feel free to take a look around our site and contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions – or even complaints. Any feedback you provide will help us serve you better!

Brent Geach

Company Director

Brent originally started his IT career by fixing type-writers in the back of a small IT shop and quickly progressed through a number of companies all the while learning the skills of his trade. He was most recently Head of Infrastructure and Operations at a large gaming Company. Along the way he has also worked at various ISP’s and even managed various Datacenter’s in the UK managing hosting for large well known financial institutions.

Our Values

It is our belief that hosting should be affordable and easy to use for all consumers, not just IT professionals. We aim to offer top notch IT Systems Administration support to all our servers where required so that you should not have to worry about it.


With our combined experience we are able to offer the very best quality of service in comparison to most of our competitors.


Using all our experience over the years we have learnt the very best techniques and tricks to fully optimise and speed up your websites to gain the most out of your servers.


Guranteed 99.9% uptime across the board.


Using the very best opensource initiatives we are able to fully utilise these to lower your costs.


By fully optimising your server and websites we can acheive higher site to server ratios than most others can acheive.


With qualified top class IT security professionals let us take this major headache out of your hands.

Our Location