Create Shared Hosting account


1. Navigate to the Ur-Sltn Shared Hosting Ordering page.
2. Select the package you wish to order ie. Email, Silver or Gold
3. Select the option that best suits your needs with regards to a domain, you can either:
    a. Register a new domain for yourself.
    b. Transfer your exisinting domain over to Ur-Sltn.
    c. Update your existing dns and point a subdomain to your new Hosting IP after you have finished installation.
4. The next page will show you some extra options that you can add on.
    a. Billing Cycle is fixed at a monthly rate.
5. Continue to payment:
    a. Select your payment method.
    b. Accept Terms And Conditions.
6. Once payment has been accepted your Hosting Account will be automatically created and you will recieve several emails namely - Order Confirmation, New hosting server Information and your Invoice.
7. Pay close attention to the email containing Hosting Server Information as you will find your login details in it eg.
Uploading Your Website

Temporarily you may use one of the addresses given below to manage your web site:

Temporary FTP Hostname:
Temporary Webpage URL:

8. Use an FTP client to access your new Hosting server and upload your websites content.
9. You can also login to your client area and select 'My Services' where you will see your new product. Select 'View Details' from where you can view the details and manage domains/email and much more about your Hosting Package.
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