Transfer domains to Ur-Sltn

How to transfer your domains? Each domain has a different procedure in how to transfer to and from Ur-Sltn LTD.
This can be very complicated but it can also be very easy. The most popular extensions can usually be completed within 2 steps. For example:

Transfers of .com to Ur-Sltn.
First, request the authorization code at the current registrar.
Then start the transfer via RCP.
The registrant receives an email containing an URL.
Clicking this URL will allow the registrant to approve.
Transfer will complete five days later.

Transfers of
First, request the transfer via RCP.
Request the current registrar to update the TAG of the domain to 'OPENPROVIDER-NL'.
Transfer will complete minutes after the TAG has been updated.

Transfers of
First request the transfer via RCP.
Once your order is accepted via our system you will recieve an email from [email protected] similar to this:

MAGIC C00KIE:110349:ecc50d6c5fc44:Accept
                          Delete the word 'Accept'
                          or the word 'Deny' ONLY!
                        DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE
                              ON THIS LINE!!!

The domain "" is in the pending queue for a Legacy Transfer.
This was requested by "[email protected]".  The original request was posted..
etc etc

All you need to do is reply to the email and remove the word deny from the MAGIC COOKIE eg


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